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LIFESTYLE-2 10/15 LAYERED by Follea


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Product details

Exquisite long layered wig made with Follea's Premium European cuticle human hair. This extremely silky high-quality hair straight with natural body and is gently processed in-house in small batches and is double-drawn for consistent hair length. The cap is 100% hand-tied with a hidden-knot French top. Significantly finer than monofilament, this top is incomparably easy to style, amazingly natural in its movement, and its two-layer construction creates the uncanny illusion of hair growing naturally from the skin. If you are looking for the most realistic-looking wig cap, this is it! Hair Lengths: Overall: 15", Fringe: 10", Top: 10", Crown: 10", Nape: 9". Color Shown: C5010 (1st image only). NOTE: This wig is not suitable for bonding application.

Images 2-4 show styles you can create with the LIFESTYLE-2 10/15 LAYERED wig by cutting and/or styling. The 5th image shows the wig uncut and unstyled. Images 2 and 3 show the wig cut to these lengths: Fringe: 6", Top: 9", Crown: 9", Nape: 6", Overall: 13". Image 3 shows the wig permed. Image 4 shows the wig with the nape cut to 5" for an overall length of 11".

Product options

  • Length: Long
  • Construction: Hand-Tied
  • Curl: Straight
  • Fiber: Human Hair
  • Size: Average
  • Product Type: Wig
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LIFESTYLE-2 10/15 LAYERED by Follea

by Follea

1 Reviews

wig cap Review by marilyn
The cap , I'm speaklish, I did not know that a cap like this existed, it is so well constructed, flawless, breathable etc. If only other wigs could come close, maybe a matter of time. Thank you. 9/6/2014
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